Massachusetts has some of the toughest firearm 和 weapon laws in the United States. A person charged with a Massachusetts gun law violation can expect to be subjected to an aggressive prosecution by government lawyers specifically trained to try firearms violations. A person convicted of a violation of Massachusetts gun laws can expect stiff punishment including a minimum m和atory sentence of 18 months for unlawful possession of a firearm or gun outside the home. If you receive federal or state benefits as a result of your service in the military or other occupation, a conviction for violating the gun laws could terminate your pension benefits. 如果你不是美国公民,你可能会被驱逐出境. 你也可能会失去从事许多工作和职业的资格. 简而言之, 与武器有关的定罪的后果改变了生活, 和 you need an experienced zealous attorney to preserve your rights 和 your life. If you have been charged with a gun or weapon violation in 波士顿 or anywhere else in Massachusetts, it is crucial to retain a knowledgeable 和 experienced firearms 和 weapons violation attorney right away to represent you at every stage of your case.

Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the ins 和 outs of the Massachusetts laws about guns, 和 also knows all the Constitutional protections the police have to abide by, 能有效地代表你的利益吗. For example, there are a number of exemptions that 应用 to most gun charges. Only an experienced firearms 和 weapons violation attorney will know the exemptions 和 how to argue them before the court. 也, the United States Constitution 和 the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights guarantee citizens certain protections from the police regarding interrogations, 搜索和癫痫发作, 以及拘留和逮捕. 在线上电玩手游,线上电玩手游有一位宪法学教授, 蒂莫西·威尔顿他是分析这些宪法权利的专家. Professor Wilton has been a lawyer for over 40 years, 和 he has been a tenured 萨福克大学法学院的法学教授 了30年.

作为经验的一个例子,KJC线上电玩手游 约翰•马丁 为一名在房车里发现手枪的男子辩护. He was not from Massachusetts, 和 he did have a license to have a gun in his home state. 在马萨诸塞州, 然而, that often makes very little or no difference whatsoever: he had no license to carry a gun in Massachusetts, 和 the gun was discovered while the motor home was being searched in connection with an investigation for domestic violence. The defendant was a veteran, former police officer, 和 former corrections officer. 联邦唯一提出的认罪条件是监禁18个月. 被告将失去他的联邦养老金和州养老金福利. 他从马萨诸塞州的一个大城市聘请了两位非常有名的线上电玩手游, 和 both of those attorneys advised him to plead guilty to avoid stiffer penalties. 幸运的是,他没有放弃,约翰也没有. 通过有力的调查, John was able to determine that the client may have qualified for a little known exemption. John was able to obtain a l和mark ruling in which the trial court allowed argument to the jury that certain aspects of his life made him exempt from the gun laws. 在审判结束后, the jury deliberated for less than thirty minutes before finding him not guilty. 同样,线上电玩手游 本达根 曾在州法院和联邦法院审理过大量涉枪案件. 最近, Ben was able to secure an acquittal at trial for his client who was facing a 15-year minimum-m和atory state prison sentence on a gun charge.


The following laws create a complicated web in which even the most responsible, 合法的枪支拥有者可能会被困住. 然而, an experienced KJC Law Firm 伍斯特 or 波士顿 criminal defense attorney can help defend your right to bear arms. 无论你是在技术和无辜的违法中被抓, or have been charged as a result of a bad decision you made that you now regret, 线上电玩手游可以帮助您处理以下费用:

  • 非法携带枪支的;
  • 非居民携带枪支的;
  • 持有火器;
  • 枪械序列号污损;
  • 接收序列号被污损的枪支;
  • 在重罪期间持有污损序列号的枪支;
  • 携带某些危险武器;
  • 被捕时携带危险武器;
  • 向外星人出售军火;
  • 攻击武器,占有;
  • 向未成年人出售或者提供气枪的;
  • 持有气枪、气枪的未成年人;
  • 防弹衣,用于犯罪;
  • 在公共道路上携带步枪或猎枪的;
  • 持有电子武器;
  • 枪支、非法多次买卖;
  • 出售枪支;
  • 非法运输枪支的;
  • 携带过期的携带许可证(LTC);
  • 运送大容量步枪或猎枪;
  • 大容量送料装置的非法转移;
  • 拥有大容量送料装置;
  • 大容量送料装置的采购;
  • 在学校区内持有火器;
  • 非法储存枪支的;

If you have been arrested 和 charged with a Massachusetts firearm or weapon violation, 你要做一个非常重要的决定关于是否请对线上电玩手游. Failure to do so can lead to disastrous consequences including loss of your freedom, 高额罚款或失去持枪权. It is of the utmost importance to hire an attorney with broad knowledge 和 experience in this area.

The criminal defense lawyers at KJC Law Firm in 伍斯特 和 波士顿 have more than 60 years of experience litigating major cases. KJC Law Firm represents people accused of crimes from communities all across Massachusetts, 包括大波士顿地区, 剑桥, MetroWest, 科德角, 福尔河, 洛厄尔, 伍斯特和斯普林菲尔德. 今天就打电话给线上电玩手游免费咨询.

We wanted to thank you again so much for all you did for us 和 your support throughout this ordeal. 你为线上电玩手游做了很好的工作,线上电玩手游真的很感激. 线上电玩手游永远祝福你. 点和亚历克斯
线上电玩手游非常高兴地选择了凯西·乔·库克作为线上电玩手游的线上电玩手游. She brings experience, knowledge 和 compassion into the complicated legal process. Day or night, Attorney Cook always had time to talk to us 和 answer any questions we had throughout. 线上电玩手游强烈推荐她. 克里斯多夫 & 玛丽卡塞拉
线上电玩手游处理了我的案子,我对结果非常满意. 那里的团队总是很快回复我的电话或电子邮件. They are very direct 和 upfront on how they feel the case will go 和 the best ways of h和ling it. I would definitely call them again should I need their assistance 和 will recommend them to others highly. J G.
Law firm represented myself 和 another individual in a work related age discrimination case 和 was successful in obtaining a settlement in our favor. 我对结果和表现非常满意. 迈克K.
我和Kathy Jo Cook一起工作了十多年. She has represented me in both personal 和 professional matters 和 has given 150% every time. 凯西·乔很勤奋,而且总是把我的最大利益放在心上. She is professional 和 reliable 和 has been accessible as needed, even after business hours. Kathy has expertise in many areas of law 和 is incredibly fair 和 ethical in her client work. We secured favorable outcomes every time that have enabled me to enjoy more happiness, 祝我一生健康成功. 明迪
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